Chevrolet offers cars that people can use for regular use; however, one of the names that always comes up at the of this list is Blazer. It is an ideal option that people can enjoy buying. To make it even better Chevy decided to tweak a few things and make it more attractive. To buy it, you can reach Page Chevrolet dealer; however, take a look at its changes and other details first.

Changes to notice

This car gets a facelift for its 2023 variant. It is made to ensure that it has a distinctive look that will make it recognizable from afar. The major updates of this vehicle have been made to this car’s front-end portion. To make it more attractive Chevy has equipped this automobile with a fresh lighting design and a modern-looking front grille.

To match the sleek design of the front portion, Chevrolet has changed the back design of this vehicle’s taillight too. Moreover, to give it an overall refreshing outlook, Chevy decided to change its wheel design too. Instead of 18 inches like its ancestors would wear, this generation Blazer comes with 21 inches of wheels.

In addition, Chevy also decided to offer fresh paint jobs for its exterior portion. These new colors consist of Sterling Gray, Fountain Blue, Copper Bronze, Nightshift Blue, Radiant Red, etc.

With everything upgraded for the best, how could Chevy leave behind the interior of the Blazer – it has been updated in design and also new features are added. Some of it comprises wireless charging options, a touchscreen of 10 inches, etc.

Also, there is a change in prices when compared with its last-generation models. The new price tag of Blazer is $36,495 for its base model 2LT. Most people skip this trim and go for the 3LT, RS, or Premier version and these are available from $40,659, $44,195 and $44,200 respectively.

Most people opt for RS or Premier trims but 3Lt serves well too. However, it is advised to avoid 2LT trims as it lacks a bit of power some feel. However, for everyday use, this car also feels great.

Other details

People can opt for a different engine according to their needs. The base trim comes with a turbocharged engine, while higher-end models sport a V6. The smaller engine creates 228 horses and V6 is known to make over 308 hp. However, both these engines are mated with an automatic 9-speed along with FWD or AWD system.

22 mpg in cities and 29 mpg on highways is what people get when buying this vehicle. To know more about mileage and other powertrain details, visit Page Chevy dealer.

These are a few particular things that people should know about Chevy Blazer before its 2023 version. It is an outstanding car that allows people to enjoy their everyday journey. With changes made, this is currently an ideal option in its segment. Hence, you need to check it out by contacting and then going to a dealership near you. It is the ultimate Chevy car for daily travelling.