Garden tractors are versatile machines that take on a variety of jobs around your property. While their primary function is to mow lawns efficiently, garden tractors do so much more than just cut grass. With the right attachments, these powerful tools clear snow, haul heavy loads, and complete landscaping tasks. A used garden tractor’s main purpose is to mow large expanses of grass quickly and evenly. Tractors meant for lawn care typically have wide decks ranging from 42 to 54 inches.

These allow you to cut a large swath of lawn efficiently in less time than using a standard walk-behind mower. The operator rides comfortably on a cushioned seat instead of walking behind a push mower. Most models have pedal-operated hydrostatic transmissions that enable smooth speed control without needing to shift gears.

Many used lawn tractors also come with added features that make mowing easier. For example, some have power take-off (PTO) attachments that let you engage the cutting blades without restarting the engine each time. Others have convenient electric deck lifts allowing you to adjust cutting height from the comfort of your seat. When equipped with features like these, garden tractors take the hassle out of routine lawn maintenance.

Snow removal

When winter arrives, equip your garden tractor with a snow thrower or plow attachment to clear sidewalks, driveways, and paths around your property. These accessories connect to the tractor’s PTO or front mount system to push or throw snow efficiently. Using a garden tractor to remove snow is far less labor-intensive than shoveling by hand. It also covers more ground in less time than a walk-behind snow blower.

Some used garden tractors have beefed up transmissions and weights on the wheels for improving traction in snow and ice. Models designed specifically for snow removal come with heated cabs to keep the operator comfortable while plowing. Attaching chains to the tractor’s tires gives added grip when clearing snow from slick surfaces. Keep a tractor outfitted for snow handy to maintain access around your property all winter long.

Hauling and towing 

The sturdy build and substantial power of most used tractors also lend them well to hauling and towing tasks. When equipped with a rear cargo bed, you can use a garden tractor to transport mulch, dirt, gravel, and other landscape materials around your property. A two-wheeled yard cart attached to the drawbar hitch allows you to haul even heavier loads. The tractor’s engine and transmission supply the power for pulling building materials, firewood, or other cargo efficiently.

Add a tow-behind lawn roller to manage turf health. A series of finish or brush mowers towed behind the tractor makes quick work of mowing large fields or pastures. Use your garden tractor’s substantial towing capacity for all sorts of yard maintenance and landscaping jobs. Install a trailer hitch to enable hauling larger loads.