Tahoe has been one of the best-selling vehicles among people who seek to get a family vehicle. It is spacious, powerful, and can be used for most everyday activities. Moreover, it looks elegant enough for people to feel good when driving it.

There have been some additions and other changes made to the 2023 Tahoe. Hence, before reaching Kimberly Chevrolet dealer, know about the new changes along with other specifications to know which trim would be ideal for you.

New aspects of 2023 Tahoe

One of the most prominent additions made to Tahoe is three new exterior colors; these consist of Radiant Red Tint-Coat, Sterling Gray Metallic, and Silver Sage Metallic. All three colors look extremely sophisticated and why new owners of Tahoe are opting for either of their three new colors.

Also, to offer a more elegant look, Chevy is now offering a full-black optional grille; this swaps Chevy’s bow-tie logo and changes it to “Chevrolet” spelt out in capital letters. Apart from these, people can choose to have the hands-free modern and updated Super Cruise driving feature. However, this feature is available for Premier and High Country models only.

In addition, for RST trims, opting for a performance package will allow an individual to make suspension tweaks, add sport exhaust setup, add upgraded brakes, and V8’s bigger setup can have 13 more hp.

Now have a look at other details of the 2023 Tahoe!

Engines available

Three different engines are available for buyers to choose from for this generation Tahoe. Two options are related to V8 engines; one is a 5.3L option that spits 355 horses and another is a 6.2L engine that delivers 420 horses but equipping the performance package for RST will make this horsepower rise to 433.

There is also a diesel variant available; it is a 3L 6-cylinder diesel engine. This has lesser horsepower than the V8s but offers the same torque of 460 lb-ft as the bigger V8 and is more fuel efficient. In addition, each of these engines is paired with an automatic tens-peed transmission with a drivetrain with RWD or AWD setup.

Furthermore, most people opting for Tahoe will equip the Z71 package as it comprises 20-inch wheels with all-terrain tires, underbody protection, a transfer case, etc. In addition, it comes with adaptive dampers and air springs suspension for manually or automatically reducing or increasing ride height.


The cabin is remarkably spacious and is the reason people use it as a family car. Apart from features like leather upholstery, digitized gauge display, etc., it has 123 cubic feet of space for people to ride in utmost comfort. you can take a look at the interior and check out the details yourself by reaching Kimberly Chevrolet dealership.

The starting price of Tahoe is $56,095. However, the one you want is either the Premier or High Country version, which is priced at $69,495 and $76,295. However, RST ($64,195) is what you want if you are looking for ample off-road driving regularly.

Every detail about the Tahoe is now laid in front of you. Hence, now you decide which variant of the 2023 Chevrolet Tahoe will be ideal for your needs.